usb cable strange issue


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I have a usb charger, if i plug my android/iphone cable into it all work as expected. I bought these item 1 USB 2.0 A Male To 2 Dual Female Jack Y Splitter Hub Power Cord Adapter Cable y 701042459367 | eBay to be able to plug one cable to wireless charger and other if needed directly to phone. I dont wanna use both branches in parallel at the same time. If i use the cable splitter even the one device is connected to the charger via cable or via wireless charger nothing is happening.

They say this cable has power+data lines, so why its not working as expected? Any idea?

Edit: If i connect ipad via that splitter there is no charging process. If i use wireless android charger (samsung) i can get only normal slow charging instead of Fast charging and direct connection splitter -> cable to phone works fine.


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Given the behaviour you're seeing and the caveat in the description it sounds like an ebay seller special. Some weird non-standard piece of wiring that isn't in the USB spec, and hence your devices are struggling to deal with it.

Being universal USB has to deal with a lot of combinations of data and power flow. Unlike a power cable or some simple one way audio or video connection you can't just wire up two cables to one socket.

I'm not sure if USB has an appropriate cable to allow two devices to negotiate power draw from a single charger port. A Hub would work, but would require it support the fast charging standards you're using itself which isn't particularly common.

I suspect the simplest option in this case is just to buy a charger with one more output.
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