USB-C Port to upgrade dock firmware


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purchased a Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock from here (believe was working fine with owners Mac) but for me it glitches/flickers even when using hdmi or Display port On multiple monitors. Changed cables etc but can’t seem to resolve the issue.

Theres a new firmware out on the dock but I can’t update it unless it’s from a Windows PC with a usb c port. I have tried using VM software on my Mac and try that way but it won’t find the dock.

Don’t have a suitable desktop pic that will take an expansion card so wondering what my options are to update it.



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Check the manual page 5 it lists the limits of what you can do with multiple monitors. just in case your trying combos it cannot support.

As to the firmware program if it requires a Type-C Thunderbolt 3 interface to flash it then the only solution I can think of is install windows onto the Mac and try it from there.

Or scour internet cafes or PC repair shops and ask if any have a thunderbolt laptop PC you can temporarily use.

You could also try asking in Lenovo forums to see if there are any other ways of using the firmware update tool, maybe it can work via plain Type-C USB3 interface.

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