USA use the same freq for WiFi as the UK?


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It appears that the USA use the same freq for WiFi as the UK!

The only difference appears to be the amount of power you are allowed to transmit in the UK is about 1/10 (not sure of the exact figures) of the USA spec.

So, if you have a WiFi connection then you need to make sure you've set it up for the UK otherwise your range will be extended past what is allowed in the UK (so in my house, more than about 10m!)


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USA is 100mW, Europe is 50mW and Japan is 35mW.

We have 13 channels to choose from, the Japanese have 14 channels and the Americans have 11.

In practical terms, no-one will know or care whether you are using US equipment or not, and I doubt the extra power will make a huge difference either. You will be slightly more limited in channel choice too which could well negate the benefits of having the higher transmit power.

Well no matter if you have a US or UK router there are enough channels to choose from, after messing about wiht different cahnnels I always find Channel 9 to be the most reliable...


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My data rates and coverage has increased since something changed a couple of weeks ago! and can now get reception all over my house.

Previously the signal would drop to 11Mb on the first floor with no coverage in the attic bedroom. Now I seem to get 24Mbit in the attic!

(I live on an old Victorian house which seemed to kill the WiFi signal)

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