USA Tivo $49 - Should I Buy One???

Jonathan James

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I'm off on my travels again next week.

Should I buy a US Tivo to use at home here in London?

I have Sky Digital with the basic package. Will Tivo plug and pray?

I'll get a mains power adaptor but what about the NTSC / PAL thing.

My TV is NTCS compatible.

Am I missing something thing here?

Anyone had experience with this?

Any advice is always appreciated.

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one of the main benefits for TiVo is the epg (elotronic program guide). A Us TiVo will not work with the UK tribune data so the best feature will be unavailble. It will be just a dumb recorder. You will have to set up when and where. The IR may not even work with UK equipment so you may not be able to switch channels on the Sky box.

Maybe wanter over to the TiVo community and see what they think -


Yeh, the 'can I buy a US TiVo for use in the UK' question gets asked on the TiVo community fairly often. As already stated on here, the EPG wont work, but I also think that you can't record a PAL source on the NTSC TiVo.

Bite the bullet and get a UK TiVo, they can be bought as you say from eBay or and then think of all the fun you can have upgrading it.



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The USA TiVo series 1 has an NTSC tuner, but if you are using a UK PAL STB you can configure the inputs and outputs to PAL. This hack was done 7 years ago by Tridge, author of Samba.

However, if you want to replace the analogue NTSC tuner with a PAL one you will need good soldering skills. You will also have to spend a lot of time maintaining your own EPG an recordings list.

Much, much easier and better to buy a UK Thomson TiVo.

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