I'm trying to find a good reliable site for the above. I have e-mailed a few sites now to find out wether they ship USA or Canadian discs, and they all ship Canadian discs. I dont mind Canadian discs because, you get the same cut of the movie and extras anyway. What my gripe is , is that some of them are now being abused with that French stuff written all over the cover, which i personally dont like.

Does anybody know of any such reliable sites or, should i stay with Play, whom i have used for years now ?

Please at this point dont tell me how good or bad you think that Play is, as that is not my question, and i have been with them for some time now anyway.

Cheers for any help


I use futureent and have never got a bilingual disc, i cant say for sure but i dont think any i have ever got are canadien.


the badger

I have found Amazon to be a good source of region 1 discs. There are also interesting features such as the opportunity to review discs and get personalized special offers etc.- the disadvantage is that you are liable to get stung for vat if you buy more than one dvd from the states at a time. Another supplier I have used is dvd empire who are very good- but one parcel sent from them got stolen on the post. They replaced it at their cost(apart from shipping charge) but they were not obliged to do so under their terms of sale. I would therefore recommend using some form of special delivery rather than ordinary U.S. mail if ordering multiple discs. It is important to note that sometimes you have Canadian info on your disc because the same disc and packaging has been used in both territories- in these cases you will get the same disc regardless of where it comes from. U.S. websites are good for obscure titles such as music videos or animation which may not be handled with by the likes of Play. Overall, though, I find ordering from Play to be the most reliable and hassle free way of getting discs.

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