USA projectors in the UK? will they work



Forgive my ignorance,

I thought it might be an idea to make use of the good exchange rate & slip to new york for some shopping.
I figured that after the £200 flight I would still be quids in & would have had a nice time? However, I do not know if they will sell projectors that work in the UK & also wasn't sure how the tax system works at customs?

Any one know the answer? Please

Cheers Danno


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US pjs will work in the UK. Only real differences are likely to be power lead and SCART connectors on models like the Panny AE range. Worth checking though that your preferred model does indeed have a switching power supply but AFAIK all do these days, denoted generally by '110-240V' next to the power input.

Oh, and of course your Warranty may not be valid.

Re tax etc, have a look at this link

This assumes they see it and/or you declare it :)


Guess I ought to find out the tax laws incase it all goes wonky.


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youll get hit for 14.5% duty and then 17.5% vat i think

I have family in usa and after research it wasnt realy viable,esp as you loose your warranty and with PJs this is vital.


In that case, I think I will take your advice on that one, as I am not the luckiest of people when it comes to device failures.


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