USA heading for martial law?


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I think that's one of the drawbacks of 'freedom of speech'. It leaves the kooks free to say whatever sort of rubbish they please. :rolleyes:

eric pisch

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all countries will impose martial law if civil unrest breaks out

currently in reality the credit crunch is only having a minor affect on the general populous of the world

most of the losses in money are on screens and not real until you to liquefy the affected shares / property

we are along way from mass civil unrest

martial law still beats living in a gloried hippy commune anyday ... sky news will be compulsive viewing "day 37 and the police have resorted to using rubber nuclear bullets" :)


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why would china care? if the US wiped its debts then Japan, China and the UK (three biggest owers) would be free on $580, $390 and $320 billion in loans respectively. sounds like a good situation but very doubtful it will happen.

EDIT- scratch that, misread article i was looking at. Looks like they own 60% of the US debt.
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Solomon Grundy

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Scary stuff...but I'm loving the anarchy of it all because the Politicians and Governments the world over are being hung out to dry, showing just how little power they really have. Everything will have to change!

Member 55145

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anarchy? i thought we now lived in a society where we moaned from our armchairs and nothing gets changed because getting up off our backsides is too much effort and not worth it because no one listens

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