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I am planning to get the Canon HF11 from USA. I know it is NTSC. Hence I will not be able to view the output in PAL TVs. DVDs made from standard USA camcorders play in DVD players in both countries without any difficulty. I like to burn my HD footage to a HD/BD DVD. My question is whether it is possible for me make DVDs from USA models to play in UK TVs. I think it is possible depending on the HD Video editing/authorising software. However I like to be doubly sure. Thank you for your advice.:lease:


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Most TVs are multistandard these days so you shouldn't have a problem viewing NTSC content. Likewise with DVD or you can convert to PAL easily on the PC.


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As mentioned, I knew standard NTSC DVDs can be played in UK players/TVs. I was not sure whether it applies to HD content as well. I am not an expert in these matters and hence the question.

Thank you both for your replies.

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PAL and NTSC are standard definition standards which don't apply to high definition, although there are standards differences between US / Japanese and European / most-of-rest-of-world high definition. With HD, there are frame-rate differences between US and European models. US camcorders shoot at 60Hz (30 frames per second, two fields per frame) while UK camcorders shoot at 50Hz (25 frames per second, two fields per frame). Most if not all HDTVs will play either. The only major drawbacks to purchasing in the US are:

  • warranty;
  • possible flickering if shooting in artificial lighting under flourescent lights;
  • possible import duty to pay at Customs upon returning to the UK;
  • "downconverting" to standard definition for DVDs to distribute to friends and family - though if their DVD players handle NTSC content, then you won't need to convert to PAL framerate.
A matter of weighing these minor matters up against the cost savings - though if you're stung for duty chances are there won't be much in it financially.


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Thank you for highlighting the clear differences. The cheapest PAL version in UK is about £600.00 and in the USA £500.00. The NTSC version can be bought for £438.00 in USA. My friends and relatives come to London every 2-3 months and they can bring "personal" items without attracting duty. Now that everything is much clearer, I'll order a NTSC from USA.
Thanks again.

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