US vs UK Blu-Ray content?


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Hey all,

Was just wondering if anyone knew of a sure fire way to find out whether you are getting the same cut of the movie if you buy it in the UK vs the US.

I know now that Blu-rays have gotten rid of the Pal vs Ntsc (and speed-up) issue, and that some discs are region-free, but does anyone know...

is the content on the disc the same? Or does it vary from disc to disc?

Is there a website where the differences have been listed? Similar to Blu-Ray Region Code Info ?

Thanks for any help you can give on this... :thumbsup:


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Yes, here Rewind @ - The Home of DVD Comparisons :thumbsup:

Has the video & audio codecs used for each version, also the extra's :smashin:

IMO the US versions always seem to better the UK versions in one way or another :(

A couple of examples are ...

Hostel US MPEG-4 video, TrueHD audio & is loaded with special features - UK MPEG-2 video, no extra's, but has a 6.9mbs PCM track

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 US has 6.9mbs PCM track whereas the UK has a 4.6mbs PCM track (to make space for the 2 additional foregn language tracks)

etc! etc! :D
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awesome website, very informative indeed. Just when you think you've thought up a good idea and there it is, someone's done an amazing job of it already :)

From scanning through several titles, the disc's movie content is often identical. Which makes buying in the UK a non-issue really.

Now I have to decide whether to import region free discs from the US to UK if the only reason is that I hate the BBFC rating on the UK artwork :D


Hostel US MPEG-4 video, TrueHD audio & is loaded with special features - UK MPEG-2 video, no extra's, but has a 6.9mbs PCM track

I find as long as a mpeg 2 disc has a high bitrate is is no worse than a MPEG 4/AVC encode. I have seen Stealth, Flyboys and Kingdom of Heaven with amazing picture quality.

This site is useful for finding info about US discs such as video compression, audio, single layer, dual layer etc. Shame it doesn't have the same for UK discs.

Blu-ray Disc Statistics


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On the flipside to that, the US disc of Vertical Limit is MPEG-2, while my UK disc is AVC...


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I don't think we're doing too badly.

In the early days of DVD you could virtually guarantee that the UK version (if and when it ever arrived) would be substantially sub-standard, and often cut.

These days it seems that, whilst there are occasionally differences, most of the time the discs are identical.

I still haven't watched my UK A History of Violence yet, but I understand the US version is slightly cut whilst the UK one isn't (I've yet to confirm this).

Even the British censors are far less cut-happy than they used to be.

So I still don't like the anomalies, but they are a hell of a lot rarer than a decade ago.

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Unfortunately dvdcompare has very limited Blu ray comparisons, and some of their Blu ray comparisons that they DO have are OUT OF DATE not mentioning newer releases.

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