US Plasma in UK?



I was going to get a rear projection TV but I have found some real bargains on plasma screens from the US.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn't buy one from the States? What issues will I have?

I was looking at the Pioneer PDP-503CMX - is it any good?

Anything that will help will be much appreciated!
Power Supply and tuner incompability (if delivered with the set) would become a problem.
I am slowly gaining interest in plasmas and the best ones I have seen are the 4th generation Panasonic models, in particular the 37 and 42" (PW4).
No other manufacturer comes close to those, and all 50" (or bigger) plasmas I have seen look terrible in my meaningless opinion.

Note that Panasonic will release the 5th generation soon.

I'd put in a call to Pioneer UK about getting the beast serviced over here - bit expensive to ship back and forth to the US if it ever had a problem.



PS How big a bargain anyway?

Thanks for your help....

So, if my sources here were Sky Digital, videos and DVDs I would have no problems (assuming I could overcome power supply issue)?

I have found 50 inch screens for around $3000, 42 inch for around $2000.

Do take great care with this sort of purchase as there are a lot of known scams regarding the sale of plasma screens at unbelievable prices.

When it comes time to pay, if they require any sort of cash or near cash transfer then walk away.

Credit card is for the most part fine, but don't get involved in direct bank transfers or other forms of payment.

If you do go this route, the shipping costs, if done properly could be very high. A badly shipped plasma can be damaged beyond repair so make sure that the shipping method used is fully insured and do read the small print as a number of shipping agents will not insure plasma screens although they will still ship them regardless of that fact leaving you with a very big potential problem on your hands.

Oh.. don't forget to factor in duty and VAT on your purchase since any shipper worth considering for something like this will certainly declare the proper value to HM Customs and Excise on arrival.

Out of interest, where are you looking to get the Plasma from?

I suppose the single biggest worry you would have is shipping the panel, to have it properly (and carefully) shipped I guess would cost a fair whack.
I guess I can provide clear data on this issue.

Last Friday I had the panny th-42pwd5uy (new version of th-42pwd4uy) delivered to me from Dell for $3,499 (~GBP 2,200) all inclusive.

Right now it is being loaded into the moving van and will arrive it Denmark in 6 to 8 weeks.

It doesn't have a tuner, it is 110V but apparently there is a dual voltage switch inside and it displays NTSC, SECAM and PAL.

I don't think shipping is an issue since it comes strapped upright on a pallet with a tip and tell device.

I am not sure who would ship internationally and I expect that you would have to pay customs.
I have found a shop in the States and also many on eBay. I know there is a risk with that but I have had no problems.... so far!
Cheers Jorgen.

I guess most dealers whould bottle it on the idea of shipping a brand new Plasma internationally :D

I have looked on the Dell web site and the only 42 inch Panasonic plasma I can see is nearer $6000 - can you post or send me the URL where you got it from?


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