US Pioneer dv-656 & PAL Discs



I'm thinking of importing a pioneer dv-656 from the states. Assuming I can make it multiregional, does anyone know how this machine will handle a pal disc?

I have read that this will depend on whether the player has pal circuitry incorporated into the design?

Has anyone tried / owns a US region 1 machine had it upgraded and is able to play (region2) pal discs?


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Generally speaking US players do not support PAL, don't have Scart/RGB and usually require a power transformer (230V > 110V).
In fact I have a US player which is modified (multiregion) and it will not play PAL at all. I mainly used it for R1 & R3, the latter are also NTSC.
Now I got another player which can handle all (PAL and NTSC), of course it's multiregion modified.

Also consider what you would do in case of warranty when you purchase a US machine.


Thanks for the help and advice
Not going to bother with the import now as too many variables. The whole issue of regions, standards etc all seem to be carefully tailored to prevent customers beating the system and saving a few quid here and there.
Found a place selling the Pioneer dv-747 for £500 (multiregional) going to check it out tonight and get one. At least then I'm sure it will handle everything!


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Pioneer DV-747 for £500, Wow, thats good!!!


Did you get one? Any good?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I bought a Pioneer 606 4 years ago from the states that handled Pal OK.


I bought it from a place called Sound & Vision in Farnworth Bolton.
The player is excellent I am very pleased with it. Big improvement on my previous model pioneer dv-606d.

I'm using it with my Tosh 42wt29b, picture looks superb, using the component connection.
The 747 has so many menu's and options it's going to take me while to see what everything does. Looking forward to playing an SACD when more choice available. You will have move quickly if you want one as they are selling fast!

If want any more info let me know

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