US online stores don't ship worldwide?



Hey guys, I'd like to buy some tech from the US, the problem is lot of online shops/sellers. What are my option to order and get the package shipped to the Europe?
There are services that will accept deliveries in a country and then send them to you. I'm not sure if there's a standard name for them, but try buying service or forwarding service. I don't have any knowledge of the ones for the US, they tend to be most popular for Japan.

Bear in mind that the cost will likely end up being substantially higher than shown on the US website after you've paid import duties, VAT and the third party's cost.

It's well worth looking for an EU supplier, even e-mailing the manufacturer and asking.
Thank you, as I googled it forwarding service seems to be the right term. There are companies like Shipito or Viabox which I found but their shipping rates are very expensive, only PlanetExpress seems to have reasonable prices

Yes, import (custom) duties were often in discussion on some other forums and they seem to be a problem when ordering more expensive stuff
I used one years ago called bundlebox, cant remember their costs but I used them so I couldn't have deemed it to be unreasonable and the item arrived no issues, long time ago though.
Unless you have found an amazing deal - the saving is likely to be negated by charges and timescales can be long.
only reason i used it is item not available in uk.
Bestbuy and target say they will ship to the UK.

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