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I've heard people speaking of getting a USA Live account to be able to access US content, etc.

Can this be done? How? Is it legal?


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It could be done up until recently, not sure if still possible but you can try it out.

Add a new GamerTag to your 360 & sign up for XBOX Live Membership. For the email specify a .com address, for the physical address type in a US address (university, library etc.).

If it still works then voila, you'll have access to US Marketplace when you log in using this account.

The different content for US is more to do with distribution/licensing issues.


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I did it just a few days ago, so yeah I'd say you should have no problems.

Firstly, create a new email address, and state your residence as USA (find a suitable location and appropriate zip code to enter).

Next create the new gamertag, and again say your in USA, and link it to your newly created American hotmail address - and your away!



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As above works a treat ideal for those HD movie trailers and pay per view movies too.


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Yep exactly what i do, buy american points and get the codes emailed, which has allowed me to download a few pay per download HD movies.


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It worked, I signed up for an account using a random Beverly Hills address.

Not overly impressed with the extra content mind you, I can download HD TV shows and movies elsewhere - I thought they might have some game demos we don't, but that doesn't seem to be the case

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