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Im getting a gamecube from the US next week and I was just wondering the below....

Does UK memory cards and joypads work on the US machine?
What sort of TV connectors does the US one come with?
Can you use a normal scart lead to a UK TV?
Will this Freeloader disk allow me to play UK games on the US machine?

Thanks in advance guys!!!

UK pads and memory cards will work fine.

Same output sockets - the digital out socket will output a progressive signal (if game supported) to component. The analogue will output a svid/composite - no scart RGB though (although with some mod it can be achieved)
Whether Freeloader sees the light of day is the bug question and I'm not too certain whether it's backwards compatible (i.e. US to Uk)


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Just to add to the comments above.

As stated, RGB is achievable with a modified D-Terminal Cable. See my site (in my sig below) for instructions on how to make one. If you don't have Component Inputs on your display device, RGB is the next best thing as you will be getting a true RGB signal with one of my cables and quality is superb. The US Cube come with a standard Composite Video/Audio LR Phono cable which you will be wanting to get rid of straight away.

The Freeloader is universally compatible and will play games from any region on any region GC. Whether or not it ever gets a release (or even exists) is another story though. Saying that, I doubt you'll ever want to play UK games on a US Cube.


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Thanks for the info guys.... Just one last question.

I need a stepdown power supply, when I called my local store
they asked whay wattage the US Gamecube was...
They thought it would be below 100W, Is this correct?


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The US Gamecube is 39W. You'll want a 50W minimum step-down as you should always have an additional 10W to be on the safe side. Don't be paying more than £10 for one though.

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