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Hi, first of all let me apologise if this has been asked and answered before, I did a search but couldn't find the exact answers.

I'm currently in New York and looking at bringing a couple of blu ray movies home with me for my UK spec PS3. My main priority in this respect is "The Departed" which is a warner release and from my time limited research I believe warner discs are region free - can anyone confirm this? Also does anyone have any idea how to spot if a disc is region encoded?:confused: I was looking at loads yesterday and couldn't find anything!

My second question is in respect of games. As an avid baseball fan i'd love to bring home the new MLB 2007 game home but again am wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not it would be a waste of $60? And again, is there anyway to spot region encoded games. I'm assuming NTSC isn't an issue thru my hdmi connection to an Hitachi 42pd7200?

Many Thanks, must get out now for a day "woman" shopping :suicide: !

Tony Hoyle

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'the departed' is listed on as working.

Games aren't region coded, and HD resolutions are the same across regions.

I don't *think* women are region coded but they do incur large import duties, especially if they get hold of your credit card.
I believe all games are region free ;) Not sure about the Warner Blu-ray discs, but i though all Blu-ray movies were region coded


I've got a U.S. copy of Major League Baseball 2K7 and it does play on my UK PS3. :)
just got terminator 2 this morning from play usa for £12.99 plays fine stunning version of the film although i already have 2 other version including the 1080p wm9 version that wont paly on my pc (wrong region ) and too much hastle to get a license every 7 days for it
after telling the wife that i would only get real classic movies that i want on blueray/hd i think that, that has now gone out of the window hehe :)

J Roadley

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Departed is release through Warner Bros... all their Blu Ray releases are region free as are Paramounts.

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