Urgent- S21 Plus-burning mobile data


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I recently bought a S21 plus 5g and also changed from 02 to Three.

My mobile data usage has always been about 3 to 4gbs per month as there is wifi at work and obviously at home. In the first 24 hours of having this phone I burnt 7gbs in 24 hours! I assumed that perhaps as the phone was brand new some major updates/back ups occurred whilst I was accidentally not connected to wifi. I went through the settings and turned on data saver and stopped push notifications for all but the most important apps

I added another 3gbs and that was used as well despite me having wifi connection for all but about 2 hours. During those two hours I watched a 15 minute youtube vid and streamed 6 songs via apple music. Apart from that I did nothing except receive the odd email.

I have no idea what is going on but something is very wrong!!

Desperate for some advice on this please. Thanks


Mine did that. Found one of the Samsung Android updates had turned on "use mobile data if wifi signal is poor". Turned it off and fixed the issue.
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Thanks. It turned out to be my ExpressVPN. No idea why but it was burning gbs of data in a few hours whilst the phone was in standby.
I've uninstalled it and everything is back to normal.

I had been using EVPN with my old phone and sim provider for ages without any problems so have no idea why it's caused an issue with my new phone/sim provider.
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