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I am producing a dvd project that was going quite well, because of the size I have had to use 2 dvd-R's the first transfered perfectly, the chapters just as they should be, the 2nd will not copy to the blank dvd.

The error message is : could not complete last command because : Found PG with no video (DVDRR,-1)

What does that mean ?

I have used Windows MM2 to edit and transfered it to Sonic My DVD 5.2 for the authoring and encoding.

I need to take fix this problem tonight for a work meeting tomorrow and am totally stuck at the moment.

Thanks if you can help.



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Never used Sonic's MyDVD but with Sonic's DVDit that error "Found PG with no video" could come up for a number of reasons.

Most common were
1) Chapter points set too close together (have you inadvertently placed a chapter point on top or very near another ?)
2) If you are using a VBR (variable Bitrate) encoded file the software is estimating the file length & you have placed a chapter point beyond it's estimated length (so remove chapter point if close to end of file)
3) Illegal MPEG file (usually wher the file has been cut & video is missing from stream)
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