urgent please help / onkyo amp / nvidia gysnc / NEW lG OLED GYSNC ISSUE

im hoping you guys can pull me out of the poop here

nvidia 1080
onkyo tx-nr696
lg oled65bx6lb

1. ok, currently have my pc connected to some 27 inch acer preadator 1440p monitors via display port
2 i also send out of the pc hdmi to the above av, which then goes via hdmi to my 8 year old 50 inch plasma.
3 all of the above works and has done from day 1, I PLAY ALL MY MUSIC FROM MY PC TO THE AV VIA THE HDMI and will occasionaly watch movies on the 50 inch plasma too, I NEVER GAME ON the 50 inch plasma (the plasma tommrow will be gone - decomisioned)

4 ok so i have the new lg oled arriving tommrow, bought this as at last you can now buy a tv which is also a "real pc monitor" as it has gysnc 120 hz etc etc
5 its just occured to me, that i will NOT be able to send gysnc through the onkyo amp!!!, which means my pc will be connected directly to the new lg, meaning i can game on the new oled, but i wont be able to now play my music via the pc through hdmi into the onkyo amp - yes i "could" do arc back from the oled to the onkyo but as we know arc does not support every sound format!

is anyone else in this position how did you get arround it??

6 the saving grace (if it works) is that my 8700k has a built in gpu and has hdmi out on the mother board, now this is the imporant bit, im thinking i can go from the mother board hdmi to the onkyo amp,which will then give me my music back from pc to them amp and all supported sound formats when i watch movies AND I THEN just connect my 1080 gpu directly to the new olded for the gysnc gaming at 122 hz?

i hope some geek here understands what im saying, it never occured to me and im sure to others that you cant send gysnc into a av amp then through to the tv

please someone tell me everything will work just the way it currently does by using the inbuilt gpu on my cpu to go to the onkyo and to keep all formats i currently havenow, and i then go directly from my gpu (1080) to the new oled

thank you guys
also i know the new oled is 4k, ill be using it at 1440p resouloution for now, until the 3080ti comes out (which i will be buying as soon as can)

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