Urgent - Pace Twin Opinions.

Shady Deal

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Have just order one of these from Argos and I will pick it up to-night. I will be cancelling my account with sky and hoping to use the pace instead.

Are these really good units or should I not turn up at the shop tonight.

Just to add a stupid question, I presume the above will also do Auto widescreen switching like my sky box

(Would have kept my sky box but Mrs Newposts loves ITV2)



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Auto widescreen switching = yes.

Good? Well, after the October software update it is a huge amount better. Out of the box (assuming March software) it doesn't do MHEG text and its recordings are unreliable.

PQ is excellent. It's tolerance for marginal signals I can't comment on - I'm in a very good area.

I still think there are a few bugs but they aren't impacting on my use of it at present. The next software broadcast hasn't been announced at present. When it is, you will (if past experience is anything to go by) have a 47-hour window in which to tune in to a BBC channel and obtain the update.

Shady Deal

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Thanks nigel,

Any other users out there have comments regarding the old software as I assume thats what mine will be.



i used mine with the old software for a couple of weeks and managed the picture quality and sound (i use optical) is very good. i would get one the next spftware update will probadly be feb or march and is a bonus as it does work better afterwards. Pace as only just done an upgrade for all the people that bought over xmas.


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I picked mine up on Monday from Argos and on the whole I'm pleased.

Mine is on the March software.

PQ is excellent, although one gripe I have is occasional picture freezes, not sure if this is down to my signal strength(41 - 44) or the software.

EPG just has now and next at the mo', think this is improved with later software.

I have had no problems with recordings but I haven't yet tried starting a programmed event from standby.


Don't understand where argos are getting boxes on March software. Bought mine in November and it was October software. They are reasonable on marginal signals, better than Netgem, say. I've had absolutely no problems with mine, now running 60gb disc.


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Picture quality is actually improved with the later software.

Timer events are a little unreliable with the March version.

EPG only shows now & next - this is not a software fix in the box - it is a broadcast issue which still isn't resolved. There have been some test transmissions (in Wales, I think) of an extended epg.

For timer recordings on the March edition - if the 'event' starts whilst the box is switched on, you can't switch it off without cancelling the recording, so you have to leave it on (all night maybe). You DO get a warning message.

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