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Hey. Just bought Cambridge audio Azur 640 v2 player and matching CA Azur amp (dream combo for the money in magazines). Bought Eltax Monitor 3 but they don't do the job. Bass very blury. Budget is £250 (that is if I can give my Eltax back). What could I get that does the job (living room 350sqft, high ceilings, carpet)? Thanks. Thought about Mordaunt-Short MS914. Will they do the job?
Do you want floorstanders, is it for movies or music?

Something like the monitor audio bronze series is within your budget, although these will be bookshelfs they will outperform the eltax no end with music (and from the sounds film too)
Thanks for the quick reply!
I'll use it for music mainly. A few DVDs here and there but this is music.
The need for floorstanders is more to handle the size of the room and avoid the cost (and the pain of choosing) stands.
What d'you mean exactly by the bass being 'blurry'?

The Eltax has a pretty robust and solid bass. I'd run the speakers in first, and experiment with positioning, stands and cables - these really can transform the sound. How are you running them at the moment with respect to those factors?

Thanks for the advice.
I bought demo speakers (might have been damaged???) but have still a week to return them. When I mean blury, I mean i like my beat to do "bang" rather than "Bvvvvv". I biwired my speakers (using speakers A&B entries of the amp one time as well as A only another time). Moved the speakers as well. I don't have stands but while I understand it can improve sound I can't imagine it'll transform the bass from rather bad to sensational (maybe from bad to average).
The wharfadales Diomand 9.1 are also well recieved, they have good bass for stand mounts and supposidly nothing can touch them for the price, and i beleive its in your budget at the higer end though.
By the sound of your room you have the space to run a set of these . They need a few days to run in and a good meter from any walls or corners but they are superb for the money. :smashin:
Hello, somewhere else in this forum, somebody said that the Azur combo can perform beyond the capabilities of the Diamonds 9.1... And if you go for Monitor Audio, go for silver... Although it is not in your price range if you want to stick to floorstanders. What about better quality with bookshelfs (you can make some DIY stands), and adding a sub after you save some more money?
I personally find the Azur to go better with soft dome tweeters, but they are usually recommended with metallic ones... IF you search a bit, you'll find my and others views on this, and different loudspeakers.
Good luck and best regards.
see if you can find a pair of Monitor Audio Silver S2 standmounts going cheap, they do not produce them now that they have moved on to calling the range Silver RS, its just RS1 bookshelf, then RS6 floorstanders. So if you hunt around you may well find a pair under £300 (normally £400)....

i recommend these as they have whallops of bass for standmounts, but its extremely well controlled....they have a 7in mid/bass driver and a good size cabinet volume...i think you will like the bass, its more bang than brrmmmm (or whatever it was you said...lol)
just to add, the S2's hit 40hz...which is as low or lower than most floorstanders at the £250-300 price point.......believe it or not a lot of them only hit 43-45hz, they just produce a loud sound in the bass but people mistake it for being low....

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