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I am going away on a major holiday to India in a weeks time and want to buy a new camcorder before then. I'm thinking of the JVC DV3000 I owned a JVC DV1 until recently and still have quite a few unedited DV tapes. I'd be grateful if anyone (esp Mr Hull who reviewed it) could answer the following:

1. Does the DV3000 have analogue play through facility so that I could play previously edited S-VHS footage through the camera and output it digitally to computer? I know many Sony models
have this facility.
2. I have 3 main gripes about the DV1. The first is that the autofocus constantly hunts, particularly if the camera is zoomed at all. Please tell me the DV3000 is not this bad! The second is motor noise of the zoom control (which is bearable). How bad is it on the DV3000? The third is a problem with audio on the pre-roll. When playing footage on the camcorder, the picture is smooth and continuous, but the sound momentarily drops out at each point at which the footage was originally paused. This is devastating for serious editing, and JVC claimed it was a
'feature' not a fault. Does the DV3000 have the same feature?

Finally, is the Sony TRV50 a better camcorder?

Many thanks for prompt replies


I don't know how much one can go by reviews in magazines but DV camcorders have been reviewed in this month's PC Pro Magazine [January2003, issue 99].

In this they have both the JVC 3000 and the Sony 50 on test.

The magazine has an online version at www.pcpro.co.uk

The JVC scored 97 points whilst the Sony 105 and they quote in the summary for the JVC "While the JVC GR-DV3000 is cheaper than the Sony TRV50E, the Sony's superior image stabilisation, together with its responsive focus and exposure, more than justify the extra expense."





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Thanks for these - very useful. My insurance company have now given me vouchers for Dixons which means that neither is an option, (I can only buy from stores). I think I will go for the PC120 which looks like a similarly decent camcorder, don't you think?

S. Bush

I've got a JVC GR-DV3000 and I love it! It is a good looking camera and balances well in the palm of your hand, but it's more than just a sleek camera. The video image quality in daylight is exceptional and it handles indoor challenges very well too. Night Alive is amazing, but I recommend that you use a tripod in this mode. But the biggest surprise of all is the quality of the still images. I never thought I could have the best of both worlds (video and stills) in one camera. JVC's software makes it easy to transfer digital stills and video clips to my PC to use on my Web site and to email. As far as the bottom loading tape, it's really not such a big deal to take the camera off the tripod for change out. There's no external mic capability, but I find the audio pickup from the built-in mic to be quite satisfactory.

I'm really amazed that anyone who has actually used this camera would want to use anything else.


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Thanks guys, I bought the Sony PC120 in the end and am very happy with it. Now I just have to wait for an affordable computer editing package that isn't full of bugs!!


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It's a mini DV. I would like to get Pinnacle Studio 8, but don't think it's worth it at the moment. I've just downloaded MS Movie Maker Version 2 and will play with that for a while - just as soon as Amazon delivers the cable.

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