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Just got my AE100 delivered two days early - im worn out and really too tired after busy eight hours to play about much so can I get some advice for in the morning

Basically how can I be sure I am getting the best from it ?

I have a Toshiba DVD player capable of prog scan via component cables and I have the cables

What options should the DVD player be showing to be sure I am always getting best picture


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I think you have answerd your own question...

Go for the Component inputs....and if it''s an NTSC DVD make sure the Progresive Scan outputs on the Tosh are enable....


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I know that part - but what I am unsure of is how I can be sure im getting that

Like I said only had a quick play - only get picture via component if I do not select RGB - just confused and seeing as i cant find dvd manual I need some help

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