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Feb 21, 2004
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i have my friends besure v1 lc3131 when we plug the mains in you can here power and feel a jet of air but that lasts for a mere 1 second, and after that we can power the thing up, it is 2nd hand but to be honest looks brand new

anyone any ideas?

i am saying the projector will not come
OK. It wasn't clear from your first post.

Two simple checks -
1) Remove the lamp housing cover and remove and refit the lamp.

2) Remove and refit the dust filter

There are micro switches on both that would put the projector in protection mode if either was fitted incorrectly.

thanks for your reply
it seems there is a problem as i have already done those you have suggested
I'm afraid it does sound like something more major. Had you or your friend seen the projector working before you got it?

bSures are covered by a three year warranty. To see if your projector is still under warranty check the serial number at the back near the mains socket. It starts WRnn nn nn (n is a number).

Skip the two numbers after WR, the next pair is the year of manufacture, then the next pair is the week. eg WR030224 would be product made in week 24 of 2002. If the warranty is still valid then you'll be in the 'Return to Base' phase. This means you get a returns number from our warranty help line, then arrange your own carriage back to the UK repair agent.

The warranty help line number is 0800 783 2310. It's open 8.00am-10.00pm seven days a week.

Good luck.
yes we have WRnn030462, what does the 62 mean

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