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Switched on my PC today, the screen resolution has changed.

I was on 1600x1200 now its back to 1024x768.

Why has this happened the last change was a windows update.
I have system restored to the point before the windows update with no luck.

Asus P5B Deluxe
E6600 Intel
4gb Adata extreme
Asus ENGTX260 TOP Geforce

My display is a Samsung 2443BW.

I have uninstalled and re installed drivers for the graphics card.

How do I fix this? What controls the maximum resolution?


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I notice you have an Nvidia card, did you just install the Nvidia driver or was there an option to also install/download the Nvidia control panel. This gives you more options as to the graphics settings. Also you could try installing the drivers for your monitor this is probably the first and quickest thing to try. Vista may think your monitor can only support a low resolution.


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I have installed drivers for the screen and from Nvidia, also tried old drivers that came on the cd with the card.

What I do not understand is why its just changed, I wounder if its the graphics cards broken as its about a month old.


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Hi mate go to advanced and then adaptor (i think) look for the box that hides resolutions your display cannot handle, uncheck it and choose your resolution from the newly updated selections. Failing that if you go to your nvidia control panel you can create a custom resolution in there and it should solve your problem.

Your graphics card in definately not broken it looks more like a roblem with the monitor driver.:smashin:

Edit:: Ahh just noticed that your monitor should definately say "generic PnP" but it says non-pnp... uninstall the monitor driver then restart and let it windows re-install it.
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