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Please can anyone help me regarding video formats on my Sony DSC-HX9v as we go on holiday tomorrow!

I purchased this camera before our Orlando holiday earlier this year. When returning for Orlando I placed the SD card in my iMac which displayed a whole list of .MTS files which I transferred to my Mac no problems.

Not sure whats gone wrong since but now if I shoot a few videos, the SD card is showing this a one file (AVCHD) and its name is "PRIVATE". when I double click on this file another window opens up with the videos there but I am unable to save then as individual video files.

I have tried recording in all different formats on the camera with no joy, as I thought that one of the settings may have been changed by mistake!

Need to get this sorted before we travel tomorrow.
Your help would be very grateful!


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Just gave that a try and formatted the card via the camera menu. Still no joy :(


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Interesting, just tried another SD card which showed the videos as single files before. Now showing as one private file.
Since the last time I have installed Final Cut Pro and upgraded to Mountain Lion. Could this be my problem?


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Private is the name of the folder which contains the file structure for the video files, it sounds like the file structure is not being read properly?


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Im not up on mac OS, but from a quick read around it seems the problem lies with mountain lion and quicktime x.
One of the suggestions was to simply rename the PRIVATE folder to something else.

Take this with a pinch of salt though, as said I'm not up on mac OS.
First thing to do is safe a local copy disk image so you don't run the risk of ruining your videos. Secondly I would open iMovies, then mount the disk and import using apple intermediate format.

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