Urgent help needed! PHD8 + Wii problem


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Hi there

I have a PHD8 which links up to my other AV equipment (Freeview unit and PS2) via component through an RGB scart converter.

I've just bought a Wii with a scart cable and plugged it in to the converter.

My problem is that I get a picture from the Wii but no sound. I've tried everything but to no avail. :mad::mad::mad:

Can anyone offer an idea as to what is going on?


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Wouldn't you want to use component to connect a Wii to a PHD8?

Sounds like a knackered SCART lead to me, is it an official Ninty RGB jobbie?

I'm assuming you feed the sound from the converter to an amp or the audio input on the phd8?


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Once I get the flippin' thing working then I'll start thinking about component!

Can't be a dodgy scart.

I first used the original cable that was in the box but I got no sound or picture. So I just nipped out to get the Nintendo scart and now at least I get a picture.

Correct. The sound goes from the converter to the amp.


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The RGB converter wouldn't have liked the composite cable, that's why you got no picture first time.

If other SCARTs work in the same slot on the converter, then either the Wii is knackered or the cable's knackered.

or the cable isn't plugged in properly


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Can't test it on another TV as there is only one in the flat.

I'd be really annoyed if it is the Wii's fault. I've only just bought it today.

Guess I'll have to take it back to HMV and get them to test it.

Thanks fella.


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The wii comes with a composite cable. Single yellow video and red/white audio. Ignore the video and plug the audio into amp input - If you get sound then the wii is fine. Might want to shield the video jack somehow to stop it touching metal as a precaution.

I cant remember if there are any additional sound settings on the wii setup menu, but just double check. And to use composite cable make sure that the wii is set to standard widescreen output, not 480


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Good idea on the audio test.

The Wii must be set to standard (either 480i/60 or 576i/50) if you don't have the component cable plugged in. Both will work with composite and SCART. Neither will work via composite through that RGB converter though.


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It's no good, it's definitely something wrong with my setup.

Spoke to Nintendo support and they suggested the Wii was faulty. So I took it back to HMV today and we tested on their TV using my Wii and my scart. It worked fine. The guy kindly exchanged my Wii for another new one, just in case there was some weird problem with it.

Just got it home and there is the same problem: picture but no sound.

The problem must be to do with the RGB to component converter. It's a decent Joytech one so I don't see how there can be a problem.

Surely someone out there must have experienced a similar type of problem.



I take it it's the same if you disconnect all the other inputs and try the WII on it's own using all the inputs, or is it.


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I've tried that and I get exactly the same problem. I've also plugged the Wii scart directly into the converter. Whatever I do I get the same result - no sound.

One thing that strikes me - the Wii scart only has about 10 pins or so in it. All the other ones (Freeview, PS2) have a full complement. Could there be an issue there?


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No - you only need about 6 for an RGB signal plus audio.

Get a component cable ;) It's better anyhow, you get 480p. You will need a long extension for either audio or video phonos though, they're clamped tight near each other 6 inches from the business end. Crap design.

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