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URGENT!! Do i need to change my email address????


Established Member
Hi all,

Im getting facebook messages in my email account from women with topless pictures as their profile pictures saying hi.

Also im getting messages from myself saying either hi or with no subject.

In addition my junk folder gets emails everyday from banks asking me to login.

Is there anything i can do besides change my email address?



Standard Member
hey buddy :)

im not a facebook user but i didnt think (correct me if im wrong) topless photos was allowed on the site, the best thing i would recommend is to log into facebook ( not using the links contained in the email) and check to see if there is any way to stop recieving emails everytime something facebook related happens, however i do get emails from people in the format (firstname)(secondname)(6 random numbers)@(domain.com) with the subject hi in quite often, these and all the fake phising emails from online banks are instalty added to my block list.

hope everything is written correctly adn im sure someone with more facebook experince will be along shortly to add to my non-existent facebook knowledge :)



Distinguished Member
As above they might not be emails from Facebook - but I figure they are as sometimes I get them - I usually report and block them.

On Facebook go to:

Account (top right) > Privacy Settings

Under the heading "Choose your privacy settings" it will say:

Connecting on Facebook
Control basic information your friends will use to find you on Facebook. View settings

View settings will be a link, click on this.

Here you have options such as who can send messages, you can pick Friends only or Friends of Friends.

It's also worth checking your privacy settings and setting them up mostly for friends only or friends of friends, I find that reduces the amount of spam you get.


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also if you have your email address displayed on your profile, change it so only friends can see it and not every tom, dick and harry


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Either you are infected, on a spam list, or both. Run your AV and a scan with MalwareBytes.

But ultimately you will most probably continue to get spammed until you change you address.

Use a disposable account for public use.


Distinguished Member
Login>account>close option.

But remember, if your system is infected and you have not resolved it, this may not be the end.


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I did do a scan with my AV and found around 30 nasties of varying strengths but nothing super nasty, anyway they have been deleted, i also did a scan today with anti malwarebytes and spybot and both returned results stating i was clean. anything else i can do?

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