URGENT Cable Requirement to Plasma


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Hi Guys

First post. Love the forum. Been looking about for a while.

I am just building a new false wall to house my plasma (most likely to be a Philips 42PF3320 or something similar price wise).

I am ready to plasterboard up and conceal all cables but really don't know what's best to put in. Obviously I want to futureproof.

I will be getting a Cambridge Audio Azur 540R (good reviews on here) and running the following :

Mac Mini
PS3 (When available)
Sky Plus Box

I don't know where to start with what cables to run to the plasma so any help would be much appreciated!




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Do you have an AV receiver for video switching or will everything be connected straight to the plasma?

Seems your TV only has 1 DVI, 1 RGBScart, 1 Scart, 1 s-video and 1 composite input. For straight connections, you'll probably need to run quite a few cables such as a RGBScart for the Sky box, a DVI cable for your DVD (i hope it has that output?), DVI for the PS3 (you'll need a DVI switch box or AV receiver at some point), VGA cable for the Mac and s-video for XBox (RGBscart would be better, but that's used for the Sky box. Maybe you can daisy chain the Xbox through the Sky box and thus gain another RGBscart (not sure if that works).

Might make sense to get an AV receiver to switch all that, although you'll still face a problem as the Sky+ box as you'd want to use its RGBscart output rather than s-video and very few AV receiver accept RGB. Also, you'd need an amp with digital video switching as your TV doesn't have a component input. and those are still quite expensive.


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I would leave a conduit channel that you can excess when wall is finished, also a spare piece of wire or cable running the length of the conduit but attached at the top. you can then pull any cable through with this when your wall is finished. the Tv will cover any hole which will only be about 2 - 3 inch in diameter anyway


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Full future proof - run one of every cable input that the TV has to it.... you can't cover any more bases than that :D


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Thanks for the help guys. To be honest I am not really sure which plasma I will be buying. But it will be on a budget of around £1k - £1.2k.

I am however sure I will be getting a CA Azur 540r AV Amp (this weekend infact).

So really need to know what cables to run from that amp!

I will want to connect the X-Box, Sky + & DVD to the amp. Plus a video input from a CCTV system.

Looking at the amp I am not sure whether I need to run composite video cables or what?

More help would be really appreciated!




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Oh, don't mention the C word.... Stay away from Composite, it will look horrible on a plasma. Not familiar with the CA Azur, but it looks to me like a stereo amp :confused: , so there will be no video switching. All you can do is connect the analog audio from the Sky+ and the digital audio from the DVD player (either optical or coaxial) and the XBox. Why not get an AV amp with 5.1 processing and video switching?


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Oops, sorry, I looked at the 540A instead of R. What I can't see from the specs is whether it does video upconversion, i.e. converts composite or s-video to component. If that's the case then you only need one component cable from the amp to the TV. Presumably, your CA DVD doesn't have HDMI, so you'd use the component input for DVD, s-video for Sky+, another component for XBox and s-video for the Mac. For the PS3 I'd run an HDMI cable which would not be switched by the amp. If you're not happy with the s-video signal from Sky+ you can always buy a JS Technology RGB to Component converter and use the second component (go s-video for the xbox, which is probably not as important as sky+).


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Just on the point of using an RGB->YUV (Component) converter for going from a Sky box to an a/v amp, I just wanted to say that I have used these (mainly the QED ones) and can really recommend them. I just used one in a home cinema install where the final picture is around 8x4. Colour saturation, picture sharpness etc is improved way beyond what s-video provides. At around £130 for a converter and reasonable cable I think it is worth it if you have just spent 4 figures on a panel or projector.



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I agree with pigbite. Although you have to bear in mind that the £130 is only for the convenience of using your amp's video switching. The RGB scart connection you could have directly to the TV will deliver an equally good picture, if not better, than a converted component signal.

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