URGENT - BD800 fault?

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Just got a call from my mate who was half way through JP3 and the picture went.

It came back seconds later but with hardly any light output and the convergence had been lost.

He has not touch it since and just turned it off.

Does this jump out as an known failure.

Is it safe to turn back on.

Any ideas Guys?

Its seems that this was a fluke and everything seemed OK now.

I suggested he increase the ventilation in his coffin as this may have been a factor.



Roland @ B4

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Simply resecting the source will normally clear this. sounds like the PJ picked up a rogue block for a while.
The Barco equivent to a system error.
Glad to here it is ok.

(If it does it again go to the service menu and look to see which block it is useing. I'll bet that it will be an odd one)
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