Urgent!! AX5 owners - help with size of amp please




I am awaiting an AX5i amp (amongst other goodies!!) and I am currently building a recess in my front room to house the amp etc.

You may be able to answer a couple of questions for me....

How deep is the actual unit?? - I know that the specs state 464mm but I have already measured the actual casing a 440mm deep so I assume the spec includes the speaker inputs on the rear and/or the front (large) volumn control.

I need to find out how far the unit would stick out when used with Airlock Plugs in the rear so is there any chance anyone could verify the following: -

*Depth of main unit (probably 440mm)

*Depth (max) of any standard rear connectors (eg speaker posts etc)

*Depth of front controls

Many thanks



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I think you can find most of that information in the downloadable AX5 manual on the pioneer site. It has precise drawings, measuments, the lot. Though the depth of connectors and controls you might have to guess at. (or look in the shop)

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