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Urgent Advise Please - Samsung 40C6510


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Morning everyone. I’m looking to buy this TV tonight, hence the urgency.

I am being offered the Samsung 40C6510 (White) from Marks & Spencer’s, including a 5 year warrantee, delivery and setup for £799.

Is this a good deal or is there anything seriously wrong with this panel ?

It’s for use in my “snug” (up in the top of the flat) and will be directly attached (via HDMI) to the main PC. Therefore all internet services and video can be piped directly to it.

I don’t need 3D in this location of the house.

It must be silent, I hope there are no reports of these buzzing like the 42G20 plasma I previously used.

Appreciate your thoughts.


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The does create a dilema. If I look on Samsung's website the 40D6510 isn't even available yet, but people are selling them. Most places that have these listed are for £1099 so the Amazon deal seems spectacular.

However they aren't the very cool white and they mainly give me 3D that I don't need (with no glasses I believe?). Also not sure if the 3D glassess will be the horid IR ones or the new BT versions.?

Hmmmm... Might be worth taking a day / two to think things over.


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I dont think you get 3D glasses with this TV, however just looking at the technical details and it says:

3D Bluetooth Sync:Yes

So i guess they take the new Bluetooth 3d glasses.

My personal choice would be to get the 2011 model, as its panel looks stunning and has a slim bezel. The 2010 model has a thicker bezel around the screen and doesnt look quite as good.


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Appreciate the thoughts. The 2010 model though has a stunning white bezel that really looks very cool indeed. I normally love slim Bezels (looking at the 55D8000 possibly for the front room) but the white on the 40x6510 really looks the dogs danglies!

I don't think I'd buy a TV from Amazon though. And nowhere else is even close to that price. There are a lot of the first batches of Samsung D8000's (and I assume 7000's) going back due to issues, so I'd hate to buy from Amazon and have huge problems getting it swapped if the worst happened.

There's also no 5 year warrantee with the new model at that price.

Overall the lure of the new model is hard to resist. Wonder why I can't find any information on it via Samsung's own website (I tried via the search - will trawl better later).


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Yup i've read about the D7000/D8000 problems on this forum, so i would wait a couple weeks for better panels. I dont think you'll have problems ordering from Amazon, as their customer service is excellent.


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I've decided to wait a while as it seems a bit mad to buy last years model when this years is starting to appear for almost the same price. I'll have to look for user comments and reviews of the new model in the coming weeks. Hopefully it's good.

Thanks for the help, that Amazon link was a game changer as everyone else is either not stocking or way more expensive.

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