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I have a chance to buy one of the following projectors and am unsure which will be best for home cinema and occasional computer use:

Infocus LT350
Infocus LT530

Let's assume they are all around the same price I need some speedy advice from one of the experts here on which would be best as I have to move fast.

I'm leaning towards the Infocus 530 because of its brightness but gather the NEc has a phantom 16/9mode which is appealling

Many thanks in advance.



I'm an NEC owner, very pleased with mine. Reliable, exellent connectivity, good, filmic picture, and I dismount it and use it for work too. It will work with the rgb-vga converters, even though they say plasma only. Good for STB and non-component vid DVD players. LCD versus DLP, make your own mind up. DLP has it's own set of problems, Most choose LCD, but it's a personal thing. I saw those infocus PJ's too.

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