urgent advice needed - blown tweater


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Just got my Onkyo 606 connected, ran the set up test and it's told me I have a faulty front speaker - bugger.

I've traced the fault to a tweater not working in 1 speaker - quite how I hadn't noticed before is beyond me but the room was set up differently until yesterday and I only used it for DAB and CD - but now I can't help but hear the lack of high end.

Anyway, anyone know how I can get a replacement tweater and what the cost would be as I suspect that trying to go through Kef will be hopeless as they don't seem to have any idea about customer service / aftersales? Or are they repairable.

The speaker is a Kef Q55.2 which I've owned from new and it hasn't been thrashed.

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Keep an eye on ebay!!! Noticed lots of people breaking speakers and selling units for spares..............


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I would at least make the effort to contact KEF, they may have replacement tweeters for your speakers. Keep in mind, that to keep the speakers tonally matched, you usually have to replace the tweeter in both speakers.

A quick check of the specs tells me that the speakers crossover at 3khz. Which means if Kef can't help you, you will have to get an aftermarket tweeter of the same size that has a minimum low end of about 1.5khz to 2khz. That is, the frequency response has to extend below the crossover point.


The tweeter in question is a 19mm (3/4") ferrofluid - cooled soft dome tweeter.

I'm not sure where to shop for speaker components in the UK, but in the USA, Part Express might have something.


Just one problem though. Kef has a very unique design of speaker in which the 3/4" done tweeter in mounted in the center of the bass/mid speaker. That makes in extremely difficult to literally replace that tweeter. Likely, you will have to buy the bass/tweeter combination speaker. Kef still makes speakers like this, it's their trademark design, so, you might be able to get a suitable replacement, but don't expect it to be cheap.

Still, it is worth contacting Kef, just to find out what their options are.

The are places in the US and in the UK that repair and recone speakers, but do to the unique design of this speaker, it might be difficult. I'll leave it to those in the UK to make recommendation for places capable of repairing or reconing speakers.


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