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This download-only Trials ripoff/clone is actually worth a bit of a look. It's not just a case of 'get from A to B as quickly as possible.'

Instead there are some nice in-level challenges such as high/long jumps, precise landings and flips which all help your rating at the end of the level. Aside from that, it's as blatant a rip-off as you can imagine but it's still really good.

The levels are particularly dynamic as well with some nice touches. It may be a bit shameless but they've definitely given the game some of its own charm.

So far I'm loving it and the format is perfect for handheld gaming.


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I enjoyed it (but have never seen/played/heard of the game that it apparently rips off). :)


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Thinking of getting this, like trials on the xbox, and this is a great handheld version

If anyone playes it let me know so i can add you for time trials


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I got it but not played it much. No where near the quality of Trials. Was quite disappointed with it. The bikes feel far to light too.


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I quite enjoyed it - make sure you're online to download the top scores as you go through the tracks. If it's on sale then get it as its worth it


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I got the demo and was pleased how it was so close to trials hd. It's certainly the closest ripoff I've found. I bought the full game straight away. Really impressed for £3

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