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Upstairs Downstairs will be back in the spring with a new 6-episode second series. Alex Kingston will play Dr Blanche Mottershead, the younger sister of Lady Holland (Dame Eileen Atkins). Keeley Hawes, who again plays Lady Agnes Holland.

I never watched series 1 originally, but am currently working my way through the first episode.

It was reported that Dame Eileen Atkins (co-creator of the original Upstairs Downstairs) would not return for the second series as Lady Holland - BBC News - Dame Eileen Atkins leaves Upstairs Downstairs

Jean Marsh, cast member and also co-creator of the original Upstairs Downstairs, suffered a minor stroke earlier in the year.
"Unfortunately I won't be returning to Eaton Place quite as quickly as I had hoped," said Marsh, 77, who first appeared as Rose in the 1970s and is the only original character to return for the updated version. "I am looking forward to spending time with Rose again when I'm match-fit and I miss the cast and crew tremendously."

Kingston on her character, Dr Blanche Mottershead;
"I can say the character is very complex, very intriguing and very straight-talking. She has some very dark secrets of her own."

Series 1 (2010) Trailer

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Good news - I quite enjoyed the original series last Xmas. Didn't expect this as I thought it had been overwhelmed by Downton Abbey.


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Indeed this is Good News. Since watching the 2010 episodes and some of the older episodes that were being shown on itv3 on a Saturday morning we quite like this style of period drama.

Downton was great (first season more so) but still have Little Dorrit to watch (thanks to Krish).

Will definitely be watching the Upstairs Downstairs.
Used to love Upstairs Downstairs as a kid, but I thought the revival was really bad and Rose somehow managed to age 35 years from 1930 to 1936. Not a patch on Downton Abbey which catches the feel of the old Upstairs Downstairs much better than the official follow up.
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I just seen the last two episodes of the 2010 version and really enjoyed them. Though some political chats were a bit of a bore, i really liked the characters and their personal stories.

I can't really remember the original version so cannot make comparison. It's a shame we will not see Dame Eileen Atkins return, and even possibly the ill Jean Marsh, both were key to the series and strong characters. Alex Kingston is a imposing actress so something to look forward too.


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I wish they had done a recap of the first series as with it being so long since series 1 I have forgotten who most of the characters are and what exactly happened in the first series:(. I just finished watching episode 2 last night and the Misses has already given up because she has no idea what is happening

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I only started watching this because of Adrian Scarborough who I think is a damn good actor. I think he's provided some of the best moments in it but not enough to make this a must watch. My wife is really getting into it though. So I'll keep watching.


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