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Hi guys, first post.

I have no idea if this is in the correct forum section, so ill just post it here as it seems relevant, i recent purchased a Samsung 40" 1080P LCD screen (LE40M87BDX) and will be using this mainly via my PC with an LG HD-DVD/BLU-RAY optical drive, my question is when i play a DVD on any drive will it be up-scaled to 1080p via VGA or HDMI (my understanding is it does 1080p for both) and would it be up-scaled in the same manner as a stand alone dvd up-scaler, ie what would output the better image. sorry if nobody quite understands this, can clarify if needed lol


It'll be upscaled but it's pretty basic implementation. Edges look jaggy and lacks detail. Install ffdshow, set raw to all supported, osd on, set resize options to 1920x1080, and upscale to 1920x1080 if movie < When you play a movie you should see something like this

input : 720x576
output :1920x1080.

It's working then



Set taps to 4, lancos (resize, settings)


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Yeah i use ffdshow video and audio for decoding at the moment, so it will be up-scaled but would be better to manually output at 1080p?, how about if i were to use nvidia puredvd/video decoder, as that dramatically improves image quality imo


Set desktop to 1920x1080.
Set osd on in ffdshow.
Play avi's and DVD's, it they both have 1920x1080 on output then scaling is working.

fddshow scaling is suppoed to be higher quality than purevideo.

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