Upscaling what the big idea

Is it worth upscaling sub £200 players

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I am looking for a new dvd player as ahort term option for my new JVC 37DSB6 currently looking at the sony ns955 or the new ns97v.
The 955 gets some very good all round reviews and have seen online for £160 the 97v is a newer model and has hmdi the benifit being upscaling.
What does everone make of upscaling is it worthwhile or should I just go for a better model using componant.



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The main benefit of DVI / HDMI is the fact that you dispense with a d->a->d conversion process. Upscaling may help but it depends on the quality of the scaler in the display. Even then component on a different player may look better. Unfortunately there's no simple answer other than trying different players side by side...PJ

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