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Upscaling vs Progressive



I've currently got a Pioneer 565 DVD player which is connected to my 42" Panasonic Viera (TH42PX60) by component leads and is outputting a progressive signal.

My questions is: would I see any increase in picture quality from buying an upscaling DVD player from Toshiba/Sony/Pioneer etc. (up to £150ish) and connecting it to the TV by either HDMI or component???

Is the upscaling quality of the TV better than the upscaling qualities of a £150 DVD player??? Will I notice the difference or am I better off holding back my cash???


An upscaling DVD player has nothing to do with the output of either interlaced\progressive material.

An upscaling player can output interlaced or progressive. For example the Oppo 971H (the best player for £150) can output at 480i\720p\1080i (and another can't remember what though).

i - interlaced
p - progressive

The decision on if an upscaling dvd player is worth it for you, comes down to how good the scaler is in the output device.

The cheap upscaling dvd players from samsung for example have been known to make the picture look worse.

You say you've got a Viera, but thats not much use as there are different "Viera" models from different generations.

We need the model number. In any case, unless its a model that can output in HD and not just accept it as an input, you won't be getting the best benefits from a the upscaling.

I'm not too clued up on whats best to be honest, but you will need to provide more info on your plasma in any case.

Panasonics are known for having very good scaling relative to other screens, but that doesn't mean they will have better scaling than a dvd player designed for the job. But at £150 price point, it might not be worth it, I can't comment on the Panasonic.

I'm using an LG50PX4D 50inch plasma with an Oppo 971H and the image from this player is far better than my non upscaling Pioneer 575 that I've just sold...

Hmmm wait for someone else, but just edit your post so someone with more insight can help you :)


Thanks - have modded post. I'm certainly technically literate so please don't hold back on the techie stuff...


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