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Upscaling - Toshiba 37XV555DB and Humax 9300 - how do they interact?


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I recently purchased a 1080p TV (Toshiba 37XV555DB). In order to be able to record Freeview, I am considering purchasing a PVR - the Humax 9300, and connecting to the TV via HDMI.

My understanding is that the TV's built-in upscaler does what it can to improve the SD signal, up to its native resolution of 1080p.

The Humax PVR also has an upscaler, but only up to 720.

If I introduce the PVR as a new element to the system, so that it is an intermediary between the freeview signal and the TV, which of the two upscaling systems will prevail? I assume it is the PVR's 720 upscaler, since it's the first of the two bits of kit to have a crack at working on the signal. Does this mean I am stuck with 720 images on a 1080 screen - or will the TV's upscaler also kick in, to boost it further up to 1080?


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Even if your PVR output a 720p signal, your TV would have to upscale the image to 1080p in order to display it on the panel.

I would imagine that you have the option to disable the upscaling on the PVR so you will just output the native broadcast resolution, letting the TV do the upscaling on its own. Try both and see which is better. Rule of thumb is to have as little processing as possible and leave only one device to do the scaling...

Good Luck :thumbsup:


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Having a digital link alone helps and I would not get hung up on upscaling, if the Humax sent the picture in 720p and the Tosh did nothing then you would end up with a small picture in the middle of the screen.
Have you considered Freesat and the Humax HD PVR for that. I have it along with a 47" Tosh 1080p screen and the HD is brilliant.
Join Freesat

Do NOT think that upscaling alone will improve SD quality, it does not.

Paul Shirley

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Do NOT think that upscaling alone will improve SD quality, it does not.
Yes, upscaling is an necessary evil with digital displays, not an advantage. You want as little of it as possible, a single scaling to the displays native resolution.

The only advantage to having scalers in source components is the chance it will work better than the one in the display. That choice only makes sense if you use one or the other but the 9300's 720p output ensures you're using both scalers, guaranteeing a lower image quality.

Scalers are mostly snake oil, worth little more than the tick on the packaging.

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