Upscaling standard definition on Tivo


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I've got my Virgin Tivo box hooked up via HDMI to my Sony STRDH820. A single HDMI then runs from the receiver to my TV, so all my sources go through the receiver.

The receiver will upscale sources connected via composite or component but not HDMI.

Apart from HDMI, the only other outputs on the Tivo are Scart and optical. So could I get a Scart to component adapter and then hook the Tivo box up that way. I would then watch the SD broadcasts upscaled via component, and the HD broadcasts via HDMI.

Would that work and would it be worthwhile?

Before anyone suggests connecting the Tivo directly to TV - I cannot do that, all my sources must go through the receiver!




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Simply leave the TiVo connected via HDMI to the amp and set the TiVo's output to 1080i. The TiVo's own onboard scaler will upscale SD content to 1080i. There's nothing gained by using the amp's onboard video processing.

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