Upscaling Recommendations Please But specific requirements




I have finally got fed up of the quality of my DVD collection when playing through my Sony Bravia 52" Full HD TV. Was almost better through my old CRT. I do not want to commit to Blueray or HD-DVD just yet, besides I have about 500 DVD's and I am definately not going to replace them. So I am looking for a good DVD player with top quality upscaling. I have read about the oppo player, but I am looking for something with a Hard Drive built in for programme recording. I know I want the moon on a stick, but my full requirements are listed here.

Top quality upscaling to 1080p via component or HDMI
Built in hard-drive with scart or AV input (Output from my sky box - non HD)
Digital Audio output Seperate from HDMI to my old AV Amp
Multi-region (or at least region 0 & 2) PAL & NTSC decoding - I have a few US DVD's
Must play DVD -R discs - I make a lot of home movies (No not that type)
Works well with Sony Bravia

I will eventually upgrade my AV Amp to new HDMI Style but that will be in a year or so when I finally adopt either Blue-ray or HD-DVD. If I can resist temptation that long.

Also another quick question. If I go direct to TV with via HDMI and audio goes out to AV AMP via digital cable. Would there be any AV syncing issues ?

Thanks for your help


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