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Dorset Dave

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Hi Guys

In the General Set up Page of the Cambridge DV-86 there is a setting "ANALOG OUTPUT MODE P-SCAN/INTERLACE"
At 576i/576p and 720p the output mode automatically changes to either interlace or progressive scan but at 1080i it stays on p-scan. If I manually change the output to interlace it reverts back to p-scan as soon as I upscale to 1080i. Any idea why, on this one setting, the mode wont change to interlace?

Would appreciate your thoughts as upscaling is a new experience for me.


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I`m no expert but,

Only the latest upscaling DVD players can output 1080p, my thinking is that your player will only upscale to 1080i, either that or your TV can only accept inputs of up to 1080i.

Hope this helps


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