Upscaling on a SD Plasma


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Jan 31, 2004
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I read a review of a Toshiba SD-360E DVD Player in T3 and they gave it 5/5 stars. I have a few questions about upscaling.

1. What does upscaling exactly do?
2. Can I upscale also through component?
3. Will an upscaled DVD show a better picture on my SD Panasonic Plasma than a regular DVD?
4. How does an upscaled DVD compare to Blue-Ray or HD DVD?
1) An upscaling dvd player will take a standard dvd, and increase the resolution of the picture it produces before sending it to the display device.

It can only do this by making what is in effect guesses at what colour etc the extra pixels should be based on the information it does have about the picture.

The resulta will depend a lot on the quality of the scaler in the dvd player compared to the one in the screen.

2) Not sure

3) Doubtful as the dvd player would upscale the image and the plasma would downscale it again, so it would almost definitely be better to just feed the signal to the screen and let it do any scaling.

4) True hd formats like blu ray and hd dvd will produce much better results than an upscaling dvd player. They should even be noticeably better on an sd plasma so long as it is hd compatible
does a denon 2900 upscale?

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