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Upscaling feature on a AV receiver


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Is this a must have ?

Obviously from a Sony 590 BluRay not a problem as that will upscale a DVD but what about Sky SD. My TV is a Sony HX753 which upscales images anyway so is it essential or even best to have on an AV receiver. having just bought a Cambridge Audio 351 it wasn't until I got home that I realised it doesn't upscale. I can take it back with no problem but i got a good deal and it is a nice looking box and I can't spend more to get the 551 which does upscale.

Thoughts ? :thumbsup:


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Upscaling is of little if any importance and the video processing capabilities of the vast majority of AV receivers that have them are no better than the scaling abilities built into any 1080p flat panel TV. The more interesting capability is the ability to convert analogue sources to digital so that they can be output to a TV via HDMI, but even this is becoming less important as more and more source components incorporate HDMI outputs. It is only of real importance in relation to older analogue video sources.

Your TV has to both deinterlace and pixel map any source prior to displaying it so for a receiver's video processing to be of relevance it would need to better the TV's own inbuilt capabilities.
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Don't worry about upscaling of the picture your tv will do it. The type of useful upscaling on Av receivers is when you have a none hdmi input e.g. a Wii on component. A receiver with upscaling will take the component input and upscale it so it can output it on hdmi, a none upscaling receiver would have to output component input on component output meaning more cables


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Cheers guys... I was kind of hoping that was the case.


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I find the up-scaling on my AV Receiver to be noticeably better than either my tv or digibox, but it adds so much delay it's just annoying!


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In fact after an evening of watching Sky HD and SD the picture quality is outstanding in both. The sound when HD is sharp and very detailed and so far I am very impressed by the Cambridge

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