Upscaling DVD players


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There seem to be a few of these about now, read a few threads and the cheap Samsung 850 & 950 seem to perform really well for such a cheap player.

Just about to take delivery of 42PV500, so want to get best out of it.

Can anybody give a brief list of upscaling players currently avaialable? Currently have a few year old Panasonic with DVD-A and would want DVD-A on another player (so maybe Sansung 950 good bet?)



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There are quite a few, but the one I'd put bottom of my list is the Samsung(s). The one I've got the pic is simply too soft.

Denon 1920 seems well liked, the Oppo is a storming machine for £173. Lots of others.

One word of caution, just because it upscales doesn't mean it will be better than a decent component connected player. All that upscaling players do is shift the scaling work from the display to the player. They don't buy you any more definition...PJ

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