Upscaling DVD/Amp for new PE50



After reading these forums for ages, I've finally decided on getting a Panasonic TH37PE50! :D I don't fancy paying for HD Sky and so I'm happy to wait a few years for HD to become more prevalent before I go for a HD Ready screen.

So now the problem I have is my existing home cinema setup - its a Sony DAV-S400 which only has composite outputs :(

Can anyone suggest a cheap upscaling DVD Player I can hook up to the PE50 via component? ...and is it possible to still use the DAV-S400 as the surround sound element?

Many Thanks


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The upscaling would probably make things worse for you, your screen isn't high definition so you'd only see 480p, if you were to get an upscaling DVD player the TV would scale it back down and make things look worse. You'd be best just getting a decent normal DVD player rather than one that upscales. Also, doesn't the DAV-S400 have S-Video out?


Just looked at the back of the DAV-S400 and the only video cable is a yellow 'Monitor Out' one!

If the upscaling is out, any recommendations for a decent DVD player for about the £150 mark?

Thanks for your help


Pioneer 585 at that money. It has very good component output for the money, and you'll have some change to buy some good movies and a component cable with.



Can get myself some nice Mark Grant component cables too!


Got my PE50 yesterday and hooked it all up, I'm really pleased with it

However the weekend's coming and I want to watch some dvd's, so I went and had a look at the Pioneer 585 - looks really nice and means I don't have to use my crappy old Sony amp... However the guy in the shop recommended the Samsung - and told me that if my tv isn't HD then it just wouldn't do the upscaling, then if I get a HDtv later I've got a nice upscaling dvd player ready...

Confused again now and can't decide between these 3!

Pioneer 585
Samsung 950
Panasonic S49

They all look like they do the same kind of thing, all have 5.1 connections and component outputs, just the Samsung does the upscaling thing and HDMI as well...

Any advice please? Does one have any big advantage over another? PQ is my main requirement. Anyone got one of these and they can share their experience?

Thank you!

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