Upscaling and video processing - Smart TV vs. Laptop

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    I'm going to be purchasing a new HDTV soon and am contemplating the value of USB input. The main TV we currently use is a Samsung UN55C8000 and we really enjoy just plugging in a USB stick or HDD and playing our movies and shows that way. However, the point of my question is about the upscaling and internal video processing..

    When we watch content on our Sammy, even if the source is slightly poor and pixelated, it always looks REALLY good. However, when I view the same content on my computer (specs are irrelevant, it'll play anything) using VLC media player, it doesn't look nearly as good despite viewing on a 1080P monitor.

    Although it's a Viewsonic VX2250WM-LED which I'm really frustrated with since I can't calibrate it very well using the built-in functions and am therefore forced to use the Nvidia control panel for calibration settings.

    Now, I'm also thinking it might just be the distance factor, because I'm so close to my monitor when viewing the content, and about 10 feet (3m) away when viewing the content on our TV. So I might just be able to notice the impurities much more when I'm closer, but I have tried moving up and the TV definitely does seem to improve the quality.

    So, the question...Should I be searching for a "Smart TV" so that I can watch my movies and shows on my TV via USB input or am I just delusional and a laptop should be sufficient for all my "smart" needs (really I don't care about the apps or anything, it's just about the picture quality when viewing content off a HDD or USB stick)?

    Also worth noting, is I'm looking in the $500-700 price range, so any sort of TV upscaling and processing won't be top-of-the-line, and therefore might not be worth it anyway.

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