upscaling a dvd with pc


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can i upscale a dvd to my lg lx2r, useing hardware decoding on the 7900gtx.
know it can be done with software,but i was wondering if i set the resolution to 720p in the nvida control pannel and sent that to my screen,would this work,or is it just best to use software that peoplr are using.

Also if i was watching hd content would i have to use nvida control pannel to send 720p to my lcd.or do i leave it at its native res,1360x768.Any help would great


Whatever res your panel is running at, the software will automatically scale it to run at that resolution. You're running higher than 720p (AFAIK 720p = 1280x720) and I see no reason for you to not let the source (the PC) do the scaling.

I just hope whatever interface you're using supports that resolution.

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