upscaler DVD players with HDMI 1.2 ouput or higher

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    The last couple of months I have struggled to find an upscaling HDMI DVD player that will connect to my evesham V32ECCB HD Ready TV DVI 1.0 / hdcp 1.1 input and work properly. I have normally connected the HDMI upscaler DVD player to my TV using a HDMI-DVI adapter but unfortunately the upscaled picture intermitently blacks out.

    Research on the internet has revealed that DVI is not always backswards compatible with HDMI. Apparently. only HDMI 1.2 output or higher is fully compatible with DVI.

    Firstly. does anyone know of any relatively cheap (<£200) upscaler DVD players that output HDMI 1.2 or higher?

    Secondly, has anyone else experienced such problems with DVI compatible HD ready TVs?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks.:)

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