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So, there are many threads regarding upscaling and all the other related stuff.
Which pq will be or is better etc........

Lets see if my scenario will make it clearer to AV Beginners like me and maybe help people make purchase decisions?

So I buys a LC32P50E as I will mostly watch SD broadcasts on Freeview.
Or a HD version because I will play DVD's every night.
Now I need a DVD Player for my fortnightly DVD night. I go with an upscaling player ....Tosh SD350E with HDMI connection.

I play a standard disc a DVD disk and it looks good via coponent and HDMI.
What will happen when we can buy or rent HD discs from retailers. They wont need to upscale as the disc content is HD?:confused:
Will there be improvement on a current upscaling player or will we need an actual HD player when they arrive?

Hope this makes some sense



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The new HD players will also upscale SD discs, a HD movie will still be scaled unless your screen is 1080. So on a 736 panel the image will be downscaled but will still look dynamite, I watch 1080i on a native 720p panel and the picture is well smart.:smashin:


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nt sure if i understand the questions in the opening post, but

yeah, thats right. when "true" hd dvd players arrive, the discs will be high defiition. so no upscaling will be necessary to play hd discs.

your current upscaling dvd player will not play the new "true" high definition discs. you will need to buy a new "true" hd player.

will that new "true" hd dvd player upscale sd discs any better than the current upscaling players? probably not....

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Hello JohnRaymond

High Definition video, just like Standard Definition Video, comes in many forms and can be delivered in many formats - Tape, Optical Disc, Broadcast and via the Net being the main options.

'TV' screens now come in all manner of shapes, size, technology and Resolution.

No matter if your playing back Standard or High Definition video on your TV at some point the majority of your Video material will undergo at least one form of conversion to re-map the Video information to the resolution of your TV.

Up-conversion at Source (in a DVD player for example) can have benefits but do keep in mind that unless the unconverted signal is an exact match to the resolution of your TV the signal will go through another conversion stage once it arrives in your TV.

You don't have to wait on the new High Definition capable Optical Disc formats (Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD) to enjoy High Definition video - there are plenty of options for getting HD onto your screen using current technology; these are capable of delivering the very same quality of video as the new Optical Disc formats though using different 'carrier' mediums.

A Networked Media Player (with DVD playback capability) attached to a PC or MAC being the lowest cost option for those who already own a PC or MAC and have Internet access.

Best regards


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